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Shipwreck by Donna Retif
Summer 2011

Donna Retif’s Shipwreck portrayal was inspired by the vastness, strength and tranquility of the ocean that fills the soul with spirituality and emotion.  The ocean's waves emit the message of a powerful and tumultuous beginning, but yet deliver a harmoniously perfect ending.


There is a strong statement associated with this hairstyle, yet there exists a softness of femininity. This distinctive look is reminiscent of an underwater world floating in the peacefulness of the ocean.


This hairstyle represents the formation and movement of unique underwater corals.  It is comprised of full and luminous twists, representative of those found at the bottom of the ocean’s weightless and tranquil environment.


The birth of the ocean's waves comes with great strength, but ultimately leads to a calming greatness, ending in the perfect storm of gracefulness and feeling.

Donna's Summer Hair Collection is a true inspiration to many and embraced by many as you can indulge in incorporating soft waves or braids in your style. 


The Perfect Hair by Donna
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